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Do I own my stocks?

You always fully own your stocks as the beneficial owner of your shares. Revolut Securities Europe UAB is the registered owner.

What’s the difference between the beneficial owner and the registered owner?

You’re the beneficial owner of your stocks and you have ultimate control of your investments, including voting rights for shares and entitlement to dividends.

The registered owner, Revolut Securities Europe UAB, is the custodian that holds the shares on behalf of the beneficial owner, which is you.

Where are my stocks held?

Your assets are held in an omnibus account with a third-party provider, chosen by us. Revolut Securities Europe UAB conducts thorough due diligence on the suitability and reliability of third-party providers.

Your assets are segregated

As mentioned in this article, your assets, including stocks, are maintained separate from our own Revolut assets. Not only are your assets separated from Revolut, but they're separated from the third party’s assets as well. This ensures you're protected in case of Revolut or third party’s bankruptcy.

What is an omnibus account?

An omnibus account pools investments from multiple clients into one account. This is an industry standard across banks and investment firms.

Omnibus accounts provide enhanced privacy to investors, as no personal details can be disclosed with third parties. At the same time, assets are still protected and held to the same requirements as fully disclosed accounts. This includes maintaining true and accurate record-keeping of client investments to ensure transparency, accountability, and investor protection.