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Is my money safe when I invest with Flexible Cash Funds?

Low-risk funds

Through Flexible Cash Funds, you invest in a money market fund of your choice. The money market funds available in Revolut app have been carefully selected by us for their low risk (risk indicator of 1/7 - lowest on the PRIIPs scale). These funds are typically used by banks and other large corporations to protect against inflation. Your capital may be at risk in adverse market conditions or in the case of Fidelity (the fund manager) defaulting.

To get a detailed understanding of the risks involved, we recommend reading the fund's 'Prospectus and Key Information Document' available in-app, as well as our 'Risk Disclosure'. These documents can be found in the 'Savings and Funds' section under 'Regulatory documents'.

Investors should note that investing in money market funds isn't a guaranteed investment, and an investment in Money Market Funds is different from a traditional savings account because of the risks involved. Just like with any investment, the value of your investments can go up as well as down.

Money is safeguarded and insured

Any money you invest in money market funds is segregated from the assets of Fidelity and Revolut Securities Europe UAB. They won't be affected if anything were to happen to Revolut Securities Europe UAB, such as bankruptcy.

Although a deposit guarantee scheme doesn't apply to Flexible Cash Funds, you'll be insured under the Lithuanian Liabilities to Investors Insurance Scheme. This insurance on your assets covers up to €22,000 in the unlikely event of the liquidation of Revolut Securities Europe UAB, and failure to protect your assets. You can find more information on our website.