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What are Flexible Cash Funds and how do I start using them?

Flexible Cash Funds are a way to grow your spare business cash by investing in low-risk Money Market Funds:

Features of Flexible Cash Funds:

  • Available on paid plans 
  • Invest in EUR, USD, and GBP
  • Receive variable returns paid daily
  • No minimum or maximum limits
  • No charges to buy or sell shares in money market funds through Flexible Cash Funds

Start using Flexible Cash Funds

  1. Go to the 'Hub'
  2. Open 'Savings and Funds' and click 'Create'
  3. Select a fund, check the details, and continue

To invest through Flexible Cash Funds, the business owner (must be assigned as 'Owner' within Revolut Business) needs to complete the sign-up process. If not already provided when your account was opened, the Owner must provide the following information):

  • CRS self-certification and FATCA declaration
  • A brief description of your business activity
  • Tax information (your tax residency and TIN)
  • Purpose of opening this investment account 
  • Legal agreements and acknowledgements

We’re required to collect tax information under the Common Reporting Standards (CRS) in Lithuania.

When will my account be ready?

You can expect to receive a decision in 2 business days. We might decline your application for Flexible Cash Funds due to various reasons (including — but not limited to — business type, tax residency, or risk assessments).

Check your permissions

You need 'Manage Savings and Funds' permissions enabled in your role to open a Flexible Cash Funds.