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What is the rate of return that I earn on my Flexible Cash Funds?

Money Market Funds provide daily-changing yields, reflected as Annual Percentage Yield (APYs) — this represents the return on investment, minus fees. 

What rate of returns do I earn?

Returns depend on the performance of each fund, which fluctuates based on market conditions and central bank rates. The APY varies based on the selected money market fund, your Revolut Business plan, and region. The exact calculation may differ based on factors like investment timing and public holidays. You can check the rate breakdown details in 'Savings and Funds' section in-app:

  1. Go to the 'Hub'
  2. Open 'Savings and Funds'
  3. Select a specific money market fund
  4. Hit the info icon next to net annual returns

When do I start earning returns?

Returns will be paid once the funds reach the Fund Manager, and a minimum of 0.01 (of the selected currency) of returns are earned. Any returns you don’t withdraw are reinvested monthly.

Please read the Prospectus, Key Information Document, and Ex-ante Costs and Charges Disclosure available in-app to learn more.

Do I have to pay tax on the returns earned?

It's your responsibility to find out whether you need to pay tax on the shares you sell and/or the returns you earn on your money market funds investments through Flexible Cash Funds. We won't process your tax payments proactively and send them to relevant tax authorities. We'll only withhold or levy taxes to you if we're mandated to perform that obligation to comply with relevant laws in certain jurisdictions as will be disclosed in the app and statements. You should seek independent financial advice if you have any questions. We can't provide tax advice, and never do so.

If I change my Revolut Business plan

The service fees applicable to Flexible Cash Funds and the resulting Annual Percentage Yield (APY) vary based on your Revolut Business plan. You can upgrade your plan to get a better rate and lower service fees. We'll let you know the new rate before upgrading.

Downgrading to Basic plan

If you're switching to our Basic plan, you'll no longer have access to Flexible Cash Funds. You’ll have to withdraw all the money and close all your Flexible Cash Funds portfolios before you switch.