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Why are Flexible Cash Funds not available for my business?

If you try to set up Flexible Cash Funds and receive a message from us saying that Flexible Cash Funds aren't available for your business, this could be due to one or more of the following reasons:

  • You are on a Basic Revolut Business subscription plan
  • Your business is a Financial Institution or a Passive Non-Financial Entity
  • You have multiple tax residencies
  • Your Revolut Business account isn’t active yet
  • Your business is‌ being offboarded from Revolut Business
  • Your business or an underlying Team Member has an active sanction or an adverse media alert
  • Directors or controlling persons of your business are Politically Exposed Persons
  • We consider your nature of business high-risk

These are common reasons, but we may also restrict your access to Flexible Cash Funds on other grounds too.