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How to change details in my Business profile?

You can request to change some details about your business in your Business profile:

  1. Go to Settings (click on your profile picture at the top left corner)
  2. Account & documents
  3. Business profile
  4. Select which information you want to update and click the Edit button. You can edit your:
  • Business details: legal name, trading name, date of incorporation, business type
  • Business address: registered address and operating address
  • Type of business: category, website, description of nature of your business
  • Business structure: directors, shareholders and percentages they own

To change other details, please contact our support team for more information. To change your account's personal details, see our article on editing your personal profile.

You may not be able to perform all the actions we've listed above, depending on the permissions granted to your profile – ask your account owner for more details.