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How much does it cost to accept card payments?

Opening a Merchant Account is completely free of charge. Once you start receiving card payments, you will be charged a processing fee per transaction that varies based on the country and type of card used by your customer. There are two main types of cards: Consumer cards, issued for personal use, or Commercial cards, issued for a business account.

Based on this, we have defined two different fees:

  • EEA/UK consumer cards: 1.3% per transaction
  • Commercial cards and cards issued outside the EEA or UK: 2.8% per transaction

Depending on your Revolut Business plan, you may have a free monthly allowance for UK and EEA consumer card payments. If the total volume you receive goes over the one in your allowance, you will pay the usual 1.3% per transaction for the excess volume.

You can check the exact allowance and fees applicable to your business, as well as your current monthly usage, by going to your Plan Settings.

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