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Fees for sending a transfer

To other Revolut accounts

Transfers to other Revolut accounts (business or personal) are received quickly and no transfer fees apply.

To other bank accounts

If you exceed your plan's allowance for local or international transfers, you'll be charged a fee for sending a transfer:

  • Local transfer: within the same country in the main currency of the country – 0.2 €
  • International transfer: payments to other countries or within the same country but not in the main currency of the country – 5 €
  • You may also be charged for exchanging currencies if you exceed your plan's allowance for currency exchanges


  • Outbound GBP Faster Payments in UK and SEPA EUR transfers are free
  • We won't charge you any transfer fees or currency exchange fees when sending money to Ukraine, and these transfers won't be counted towards your plan allowance

Intermediary and beneficiary fees

Revolut Business doesn't impose additional fees for transferring money within your plan's allowance, but fees may still apply from beneficiary or intermediary banks. This could potentially reduce the received amount.

SWIFT SHA and OUR fees

  • SHA (shared) fee: the transfer fees are split between both the sender and the receiver. Additional fees might be charged by intermediary banks, which are usually deducted from the transferred amount
  • OUR fee: all transfer fees are paid beforehand, including those charged by the receiver's bank and any intermediary banks. This fee is added to the transfer amount, ensuring the recipient receives the full amount you sent