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What's the SWIFT OUR fee?

You can see your transfer fees breakdown while reviewing a transfer you're about to send – just click on the info button next to the fees. For certain international SWIFT transfers listed below, you can choose between SWIFT OUR fee or the usual SHA fee as defined in your Revolut Business plan.

If the SHA (shared) fee is applied, both the sender and the receiver share the transfer fees. The sender pays their bank's charges for initiating the transfer, and the receiver pays their bank's charges for receiving the transfer. Intermediate banks may also charge fees, which are generally deducted from the amount being transferred. As a result, the recipient may receive less than the amount you originally sent.

If SWIFT OUR fee is applied, you choose to cover all transfer fees, including fees charged by the receiver's bank and any intermediate banks. The fee is added on top of the transfer amount and the recipient will receive the full amount you sent. SWIFT OUR fee replaces the normal (SHA) transfer fee, thus we don't charge you any international transfer fees regardless your pricing plan. For exact fees, take a look into Revolut Business fees page.

Eligible transfers:

  • USD to outside of USA
  • GBP to outside of UK territories
  • CHF to outside of Switzerland
  • EUR to outside of SEPA countries