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Why my online payment was declined?

If your online payment was declined, please check the particular transaction in the app to identify the exact reason.

The most common reasons for online payments failing are listed below:

1. Online transactions are not enabled

You can check if online payments are enabled for a specific card by tapping on it and choosing 'PIN & Security'.

2. Billing address not entered correctly

Some websites ask for a billing address as part of the checkout process — always make sure you enter this exactly as it appears in the Revolut app.

3. Payment not confirmed in the app

For some payments, the merchant might ask you to confirm the payment in the Revolut app, and you'll get a push notification to your device from us. Just open your Revolut app and click 'Continue'.

If you're experiencing issues with payment verification, please try closing and reopening the Revolut app and try again. If the transaction amount is higher than €250 (or other currency equivalent) and the merchant doesn't initiate this extra payment confirmation, it may fall under a category of payments that we are obligated, by European payment regulations, to decline.

Unfortunately, only the merchant website can trigger 3DS, so it is up to them to fix.

If your transaction matches these criteria, try splitting your cart into smaller payments if possible.

Read more about this regulation here.

If the transaction was declined, but the payment shows as completed, please fill out our online chargeback form.

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