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How to set up Scheduled Payments with Revolut?

You can use Revout to make all your recurring payments, direct debits and recurring card payments, and can take advantage of the pockets feature, which provides a smarter way to manage your bills.

You can set up recurring payments from your Revolut account when you first sign up to the service provider. However, you can also transfer them later on if you set them up from a different account (you’ll just need to update your payment details with the person you're making the payment to).

For direct debits (e.g. energy, gas, gym or water bills), you’ll need to tell the company collecting the payment to take it from your Revolut account. To view these account details, just tap on the account in the ‘Home’ section of the app under ‘Accounts’. A lot of companies will let you update these account details online or in app.

For recurring card payments (e.g. Netflix, Spotify or Apple Music), just add your Revolut card details to your account. Learn how to set up a recurring card payment with Revolut.

Once you've set up these payments, you can track these in the 'Scheduled' overview in the 'Payments' section of the app.

Once you have your Scheduled Payments linked to Revolut, you can discover our Pockets feature, which helps put bills money aside and plan ahead easily.

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