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What if I don't know the recipient's account details?

If you don't know the recipient's bank account details, you can send a payment link via the Revolut app so the recipient can enter their own bank details.

Identity verification has to be passed on your account for the feature to be available.

Go to the 'Payments' tab in the app, click 'Send' and select the contact you would like to transfer money to. Next, add the amount you would like to send. You can choose one of the 31 currencies we support for transfers.

When you tap 'Send' and confirm the transaction by entering your passcode, the app will generate a payment link which you can then copy and send to your contact via e-mail, WhatsApp, or so on. You can also choose to automatically SMS them the payment link.

The recipient then has 7 days to collect the money by clicking on the link and entering their account details.

The funds will be reverted to your Revolut account if not collected within 7 days. You can cancel the transfer if the recipient has not accepted it by clicking on the transaction in your Revolut wallet and selecting ‘Cancel’. There, you also have an option to share the link one more time.

You can also create a payment link for someone that isn't in your contacts. Go to the 'Payments' tab, click '+ New' and choose 'Create payment link.'

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