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Cost to accept card payments

We’ll charge a processing fee per successful card payment that varies based on the country and type of card the customer pays you with. There are two main types of cards: consumer cards, issued for personal use, or commercial cards, issued for a business account. See our pricing page for details.

There are 2 types of fees which apply to each transaction: 

Online payments: 

  • European consumer cards: 1% + €0.20 (or equivalent)
  • Commercial cards and commercial/consumer cards issued outside Europe: 2.8% + €0.20 (or equivalent) 

In-person payments: 

  • European consumer cards: 0.8% 
  • Commercial cards and commercial/consumer cards issued outside Europe: 2.6% 

European cards include all cards issued in EEA countries, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Norway. It doesn't include cards issued in the United Kingdom. 

Example of fees: 

A customer is processing a payment of €100 using a European consumer card. You will be charged: 1% out of 100, which is €1, plus €0.20. This equals a total fee of €1.20 (or equivalent in other currency). 

We also offer custom plans to suit your specific business needs Speak to our team to learn more.

To see how much you've been charged for a particular payment, click on the specific transaction in the Transactions tab of your Merchant account. Then check the full details on that transaction, including any applicable fees.