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Merchant payment declined or failed

Why did the transaction fail?

If you want to know why a transaction was declined, simply click it in your Merchant transactions list — you’ll see the relevant information under the transaction.

Common Reasons for Declined Transactions

In most cases, something has gone wrong with the authentication of your customer’s card due to their issuing bank. There may be many reasons for their bank refusing the payment, such as insufficient funds, an expired card, incorrect card details, poor network connectivity, among others. Despite our constant effort to avoid these situations, this is something that Revolut can't control. Your customer should try the payment again with a different card and contact their bank to find out what went wrong.

Payment Issues on Your Web Shop

If a payment is failing on your web shop, make sure the merchant API integration is set correctly. You should see the HTTP response error and/or failure reason value. For more information, please check our Merchant documentation.

Troubleshooting Payments with Revolut Reader

For troubleshooting steps for payments using the Revolut Reader, visit this FAQ in our Help section.