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Who can be referred for the referral campaign?

To qualify as a successful referral, both the referee (the individual opening the Revolut Business account with your referral link) and their business (the business the referee is opening an account for) must meet certain criteria.

  • The referee must be authorised to set up an account on behalf of their respective business
  • The business you refer must be eligible for a new Revolut Business account, which means they can't already be an existing customer
  • If a business had an account in the past and closed it, they're not eligible for the referral program
  • The referee also must be new to Revolut Business and must not have any business user profile with Revolut Business in order to be eligible for this promotion. This includes any previous business user profile, even if their Revolut Business account is no longer active.
  • The Business you refer must be incorporated in the same country as your business

If your referee is unsure whether or not they have a previous account, but are receiving a message indicating that they do, please advise them to chat with us. We're here to address any questions or concerns you may have about the referral program.

Your referral link is for Revolut Business accounts only.

You can refer as many business as you want, but remember, you'll only receive rewards for the first 5 successful referrals during each campaign.