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Certification of proof documents

Why do I need certification for my proof?

If we’re unable to verify your information through publicly available sources, we’ll need your proof documents to be certified as a true copy. Custom-made documents created by you, such as a cap table, must be certified to be true.

Can certification requirements be waived?

The certification requirement can be waived if you can provide an accessible and unrestricted public link to where we can verify the information provided. In your application, please select your proof method, then add a source link to the description where we can find the provided information.

Who can provide certification?

Documents certified by the following professionals can be accepted as a reliable and independent source of verification:

  • A notary
  • An external qualified lawyer, solicitor, advocate with a registration number or information on the legal professional body that authorised the individual to practise the law, or a stamp from a law firm in the European Economic Area (EEA)
  • A certified accountant registered with a professional body within the EEA
  • An external auditor
  • Other certifying officers that are authorised equivalent to a notary in a jurisdiction


Electronic or digitally signed documents must include:

  • The name of the signee
  • The date on which the electronic signature was added
  • A digital signature certificate or certificate number