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Revolut <18 save

What is <18 save?

Revolut <18 save introduces children and teens to saving with Pockets, a feature allowing parents or guardians and their child to create and customise savings compartments. Money can be added by either party. Funds from a closed Pocket will be returned to the child's main account balance.

Pockets can't be used for direct card payments. Revolut <18 doesn't accrue interest.

Adding and withdrawing money from your child’s Pocket

To add money from the main Revolut app:

  1. Go to the 'Home' screen
  2. Below your balance, tap 'Accounts'
  3. Select your child’s <18 account
  4. Tap 'Save' and create or select a Pocket
  5. Select 'Fund' to enter the amount you’d like to add and tap 'Confirm'

To withdraw money in the <18 app:

  1. Go to 'Pockets'
  2. Tap 'Withdraw' and choose an amount
  3. Tap 'Withdraw' again to confirm

Alternatively, you can transfer money from your personal Revolut account to your child’s <18 account.

Spare change round ups

When you enable spare change round ups, we round up your child's Revolut <18 card purchases to the nearest whole number, saving the difference in their chosen Pocket. For instance, if they spend 3.80, we round it up to 4.00, saving 0.20 in their Pocket. If there are insufficient funds, no spare change is added. You can manage this feature anytime.

Recurring transfers

Your child can schedule recurring transfers (daily, weekly, or monthly) from their account balance to a Pocket, choosing an amount, starting date, and frequency. If there are insufficient funds, the transfer won't proceed. Both you and your child can manage recurring transfers anytime.