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Requirements for purchases by invitees for Referrals reward

Requirements for purchases by the invitee 

Make sure that:

  • Each purchase is greater or equal to the minimum amount shown on the 'Referrals' screen. This amount is different depending on the referrer’s region
  • All purchases are made before the deadline and aren't reverted or declined
  • All purchases are valid (currency exchange transactions, transfers, gambling, or gift cards aren’t considered valid purchases)
  • The number of card payments needed is stated in the Referrals screen. Some referral campaigns may require your friend to make a different number of card payments, and/or they might need to be made on separate days before the campaign ends

If a step is labelled as incomplete in-app, the purchases your friend made probably didn’t fulfil some of the requirements above. They can still continue to make purchases, and should make sure they count towards the Referrals campaign. Once they make enough qualifying purchases, this step will be marked green in-app.

Purchase without a physical card

The invitee can make card payments:

  • With a virtual or physical card, online or in-store
  • With Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Before or after ordering a physical card

Purchases made with cards associated with Revolut Pro, Revolut <18, Revolut Business, or a Joint Account won’t count.

Check exact requirements for the active campaign

  1. Go to 'Home' on the bottom menu
  2. Tap your profile icon in the top-left corner
  3. Select 'Invite friends' to see details of the Referrals campaign relevant to you

In the 'Invite friends' section, you can also review the terms and conditions by tapping 'Terms and conditions' at the bottom of the page.