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How can I receive international transfers into my Revolut account?

To receive money via SWIFT in multiple currencies with Revolut:

  1. Go to your ‌Home screen
  2. Select 'Accounts'
  3. Select the currency you'd like to receive your money in. If it’s a new currency tap '+ Add new'
  4. Tap the details on the home screen
  5. Select the 'SWIFT' tab to see your details.
  6. Use the provided SWIFT account details (not the local account details) to initiate a transfer from your bank's website or app, just like a regular transfer. Or share your account details with the person or business who wants to pay you

Not all currencies have access to Local details, which can be used for local transfers. In some cases, the only tab available will be the 'SWIFT' tab. We recommend you only use SWIFT transfers when local transfers aren't possible. Ask the sender to choose the 'OUR' option to avoid intermediary fees.

You can only receive payments in the currencies supported by your account, so make sure you select the right currency and account details.

International SWIFT transfers typically take 3–5 working days.

Additional information:

If your bank auto-completes the BIC/SWIFT, and it's different from the one you see in your account details, contact them and ask them to update their SSIs before making the transfer.

If you need intermediary bank details, please tap here.

If you need Revolut bank name and address, please tap here.