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More help for transfers between Revolut customers

I sent money to the wrong Revolut account

Transfers between Revolut customers are almost always instant. If you sent money to the wrong Revolut customer, you'll need to ask the recipient to return the money.

Transfer was a fraud or scam

  1. Immediately end all communication with the fraudster or scammer
  2. Tap on the transfer in your transaction history
  3. Tap 'Get help'
  4. Tap 'Report this transfer as fraud' and follow the on-screen prompts

I'm unable to send money to another Revolut customer

Check your profile to make sure your account is verified and unrestricted and ask the recipient to do the same, as this may be the problem.

The other Revolut customer may be hidden from search or have the 'Payment with friends' option turned off. To send money without difficulty, you can also try to send the recipient a payment link from the 'Payments' tab.

Block or report another Revolut customer

You can block another Revolut customer at any time. That customer will then be unable to send you messages, send or receive money from you, or add you to Groups.

How to block or report:

  1. Go to the 'Payments' tab
  2. Search for the Revolut customer
  3. Tap on the customer
  4. Tap their profile icon in the top right
  5. Tap ‘Block’ or ‘Block and report’

If you choose to block the person, you can follow these steps again to unblock the person.