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Why is my Payment link transfer pending?

What are payment links?

Payment links are a method of transferring funds which can be used to send or request funds even if the other person doesn't have a Revolut account, and you don't know their account details. Check out our FAQ on account details for more information.

Pending payment links

If you're trying to send money using a phone number, it's possible that this transfer was executed as a Payment Link. Please go to your 'Transaction history', select the relevant transfer (it will be marked as 'sent via payment link' in the app) and tap 'Cancel'.

Once the transaction is cancelled, double-check that the phone number matches your intended recipient, including the country code, and try again. Alternatively, you can ask this person for their RevTag which can be found in their profile.

Internal transfers are instant. Once you have completed the first transfer, your intended recipient will now show as a Revolut friend (marked with an R under their profile picture) and future transfers should go smoothly.

To find out more about Revolut Pro payment links, check these FAQs on our Help Centre.