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Why haven't I received my Referral Campaign reward?

The referee and business you referred have to complete all necessary steps before the campaign deadline.

Check their progress and campaign deadline date on Referrals main screen:

  • A green check mark means the referral is completed and successful. If you haven't received the reward yet, don't worry, it may take a few days to be processed
  • A grey clock symbol means the referral is incomplete, but there's still time for them to finish the steps so you can earn your reward
  • A grey 'no entry' symbol means the referral missed the deadline. Unfortunately, in this case you haven't earned the award

A full list of referral conditions can be found here. For T&Cs go to Referrals main screen → scroll down → terms & conditions.

If you believe the business you invited completed all the steps successfully and you've not earned your award after a few days, reach out to us via the in-app chat for help.