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I haven't received a transfer

A transfer hasn't arrived in my account

  • Check the expected timeframes — weekend and holidays can delay processing
  • Check if your transfer has been credited to a different currency account — go to the Dashboard, click 'See all' next to transactions, and look for the transfer
  • Ask the sender for a transfer confirmation and check if the details match your account details
  • Request the sender to trace the transfer through their bank, as only the initiating bank can enquire about missing payments
  • Transfers may have been temporarily restricted in your account if your account is under review. To check the status of your account review, go to your Home screen and see if you have a banner that requires action.

Why is Revolut not able to trace a transfer to your account?

  • International payments often pass through multiple banks before reaching us, making the sending bank the only institution able to launch an investigation
  • As the payment recipient, Revolut Business has limited ability to investigate non-received payments