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Card deposit failed due to issue with user authentication (3D secure)

What is user authentication (3D secure)?

When you try to add money to your account, you might be redirected to your bank’s website to verify your payment. This is an additional security step to protect your account.

How to recognize an issue with user authentication (3D secure)?

You can spot this if the verification page is not loading properly, resulting in a blank page or an error message.

What can I do?

If you get an error message or can’t authenticate successfully, please try to add money via our web app using your computer or laptop. If you continue to get an error there may be a connection issue with your bank. It is worth checking with your bank to see if they are currently experiencing any issues with authentication (3D secure)

Alternatively, try to add money using the same card via Google/Apple Pay, using another bank card, or try a bank transfer.

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