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Managing Scheduled Payments from your Pockets

To manage your scheduled payments, just tap on ‘Manage’ in the ‘Scheduled outgoings’ section in your ‘Pocket details’. You’ll see an overview of all the payments scheduled to be paid from your Pocket, just tap on the one you want to edit.

For the recurring payments that you’ve set up in the ‘Payments’ section of the app, you’ll be able to:

  • Adjust the amount or frequency
  • Deactivate / activate them
  • Delete them at any time you need
  • Stop paying them from the Pocket
  • For any direct debits that you pay with Revolut, you’ll be able to stop paying them from the Pocket or completely cancel all together.
  • For any recurring card payments that you pay by Revolut, you’ll also be able to stop paying them from the Pocket. You can also block any future payments to that service provider from the card.
  • You can also block a direct debit or card payment using our blocking technology. This can be done in the Pockets feature, or in the Payments section of the app. If you do, we will stop the relevant service provider from being able to collect direct debits from you or payments from your card. However, this will not cancel your underlying obligations to the service provider, so you may still owe them money if you don’t let them know you are cancelling. For example, if you block future card payments from a service provider, we’ll use our blocking technology to stop that service provider from making claims against your specific card, but if you don’t contact them they may try to get around this by charging any other card details you have given them or by using a different service provider identification code
  • These actions can be done from the ‘Payments’ section of the app.

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