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What is Revolut Pay payment method ?

Revolut Pay is a payment method available to all customers holding a personal Revolut account. It allows paying for a product or service from a merchant that offers the Revolut Pay payment method as an option when checking out.

The main benefits of this feature are:

  • Easy checkout experience with no need to input any card details or bank account numbers
  • Convenient in-app confirmation of purchases
  • There are no limits

How do I use Revolut Pay?

If the details you’ve input while checking-out match the ones on your Revolut account, after using the ‘Revolut Pay’ option, you will be asked to confirm the transaction in the app and that’s it! If the mentioned details won’t be enough to confirm it’s you, you will have to scan a QR code as well.

How am I protected when using Revolut Pay?

You are protected by the Pay with Revolut Buyer Protection Policy which allows to raise a claim if you believe the merchant hasn’t fulfilled your order, which we will then investigate.

To do this, please chat to us and let us know that you want to raise a Revolut Pay claim.

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