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I received an email from Revolut Business, but I didn’t sign up.

Your colleague may be sending you an invite to join a new business account. When you open a business account, you can invite your colleagues to join once the account is set up.

In addition to this, when you open a new business account we require the shareholders and directors of the company to fill in some details and complete an identity check to open the account. Shareholders and directors may receive an email invite from colleagues to fill out their details. Please reach out to your colleagues to find out if someone has opened the account on behalf of your business.
Please note that this is a requirement and we're only verifying their identities as directors/ shareholders of the company. For you to give them access to the account, you still need to create a User profile for them when your application is accepted.

If you don’t get to the bottom of it, please contact us via chat so we can investigate and remove your email address from the account. To access the business chat, please visit this page, you can contact us anonymously- to do so, just click on the speech bubble available in the lower right corner and you will be connected to support team.

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