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What account details do I need to receive a transfer?

Currency requirements

You'll need to use details for a currency account that's the same currency as the transfer being sent. For example, if you're receiving a transfer in EUR, you'll need to use the details for your EUR account.

Find your account details

  1. Go to 'Home' and click on your account balance
  2. Select a currency account based on the currency you want or expect to receive
  3. Click on 'More' ('...') and choose 'Account details'
  4. Share these details with the sender or sending bank

Revolut's official bank name, address, and correspondent BIC details are provided on the same details screen. If you are asked for the intermediary bank details, please provide the correspondent bank BIC.

Local or international account details

Local transfers are payments within the same country in the main currency of the country. However, if local details aren't available for the currency you wish to receive, use IBAN and BIC.

Share a statement with account details

Account confirmation statement includes required currency account details to complete a transfer, and it's useful to share with the sender. Your account confirmation is in the 'statements' menu.