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The charge for my booking seems incorrect

Price breakdown

You can see a full breakdown of what and when you'll be expected to pay before you check out.

To see this, just tap the 'i' icon on the price when selecting a property, or at the checkout page.

The breakdown includes the nightly price, together with any taxes and fees. It also shows if they're to be paid at checkout, or at the property.

After the booking is complete, you can view this information via 'Hub' → Stays → My Bookings.

Additional fees

Depending on the property and its location, you may be charged additional fees as mandated by local or national government, or to pay for additional services the property offers. These could include:

  • Extra person fees
  • City tax
  • Resort or amenity fees

You'll be able to see the details of these fees and when they're charged from the price breakdown mentioned above.

For more information please see our Stays Terms and Conditions.

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