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What happens if my balance goes negative?

In some instances, your account balance might drop below zero. This can happen for a number of reasons including:

  • A card transaction that you did not authorize
  • A ‘delayed’ card payment (if for some reason the merchant had trouble processing the transaction for the first time, probably due to connection issues)
  • Fees for services such as a Revolut Premium Plan subscription or Device Insurance

Revolut will notify you following a negative balance, and allow you up to 7 business days to add money. After that, Revolut will attempt to correct the balance automatically by exchanging funds between accounts or adding money from your registered card, in accordance with Revolut's Terms & Conditions.

In case the reason for your negative balance is a card transaction that you did not authorize please fill out our online chargeback form and our team will look into this. Please bear in mind that the chargeback process is a last resort to recover your money and it can take some time for Visa or Mastercard to issue their ruling (find out more about the process here).

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