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What are scam calls?

Fraudsters often use phone calls or text messages to pretend they represent trusted entities, like Revolut, energy providers, or government agencies. By spoofing phone numbers, they try to extract personal information or deceive you into making unauthorised payments.

How can I avoid scams? 

  1. Be cautious when receiving calls or messages requesting account information or money transfers.
  2. Never provide sensitive information over the phone, like passwords (including OTPs), PINs, and account details.
  3. Avoid downloading additional apps or logging into accounts at the request of unknown callers.
  4. Verify the identity of callers by reaching out to official customer support channels.

When it comes to making any decisions about the movement of your money, exercise caution. If account details are unknown, don't transfer money, even if you’ve been told that it's a new 'safe account' created just for you.

What can I do if I've fallen victim to a scam?

  1. Stop communication with the fraudster.
  2. Contact us immediately via the in-app chat.
  3. Report the number to us or the relevant authorities and block it.
  4. Recommended: report the matter to a regulatory institution. You can find some useful contacts in this FAQ in our Help Centre.