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What account details should I use to transfer money to my Revolut account?

When receiving money from another bank, the details you should use depend on:

  • The currency you wish to receive
  • The country of the sender bank 

Receiving money locally

If the money you're receiving is coming from your country and in the same currency as your account, use your local details. This rule is also applicable when you’re receiving EUR sent from a European bank account. In that case, you should use the local details of your EUR account.

Receiving money internationally

If the money you’re receiving is coming from a different country or in a different currency than your account, use your SWIFT details.

To view your account details in-app

  1. Go to 'Home' on the bottom menu
  2. Select 'Details'

If you need to view the details of another currency account or your Joint account:

  1. Go to 'Home' on the bottom menu
  2. Below your balance, select 'Accounts'
  3. Choose the account
  4. Select 'Details'

Make sure you select the correct currency and account details. Using incorrect details may result in long transfer times, unexpected fees, or failed transfers.