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Additional charges for payout links

Fees for payout links vary based on the transfer type, currency, and the remaining allowance in your account.

Transfer allowances:

  • No allowance limit applies to account transfers between Revolut accounts
  • Local transfers are 0.2 €
  • International transfers are 5 €

Visit this transfer fees FAQ and fees page for more information.

Currency exchange allowance:

Currency exchange will be charged at 0.6% if the payment requires currency conversion

Here’s an example

If you send 5 GBP and it needs to be converted to EUR, we’ll charge the sender 0.6%. The recipient will receive the equivalent of 5 GBP at the current exchange rate at the time of the transfer.

Read our currency exchange FAQs for more information on currency exchange rates.

Custom plan

  • If you're on a custom plan, your allowance and pricing after allowance may vary
  • If you make high volumes of payments and believe a custom plan would suit you best, please reach out to us