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Create a payout link

You can create a payout link on the Revolut Business app, or via API.


  1. Go to Home or Transfers
  2. Click 'Send' and go to the payout link. Then, follow instructions on screen

Via API 

You can learn how to set up and send payout links with our API in our developer docs. Find all the necessary information about this API feature. When sharing a payout link, make sure it's sent securely and encrypted. We can't take responsibility if a payout link is sent to the wrong person or falls into the wrong hands. Terms apply.

How long are the payout links valid for?

  • Payout links expire after 7 days. You can change this setting if you use the API
  • It's also possible to cancel a payout links if the recipient hasn’t used it to claim the money. To do it, go to your transactions history, choose the relevant transaction, and hit 'Cancel'