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Where can I find Revolut Business account settings?

To access your Revolut Business account Settings page:

  • From the web: click on your account name in the top left corner
  • On the mobile app: tap on your profile in the top left corner

In Settings page, you can:

  • Switch or link another Revolut Business accounts
  • Find your RevTag and profile picture
  • Upgrade your plan and refer a business
  • Check your allowance and billing plan
  • Go to Help for helpful articles and support
  • In Account & documents section, view your account profiles, or download statements, privacy policy and terms & conditions
  • Look at your account Security & Privacy, where you can change your password on web or passcode on mobile apps, review trusted merchants, and other privacy settings
  • Change your app settings, such as language or timezone
  • Find your Merchant and Business API settings
  • Close your Business account

...and much more. Take a look! We'll be adding more features soon.