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How do I set up my Revolut Reader?

To set up your Revolut Reader you must have a fully active Merchant account and completed identity verification. Your profile must also have sufficient usage permissions, which can be granted by your account admin.

Once you're all set, simply:

  • Open the Revolut Business mobile app
  • Go to the Merchant tab
  • Select 'New request'
  • Choose 'Card reader' then 'Connect a card reader'
  • A popup will appear, prompting you to connect a card reader using Bluetooth
  • Scan and select the card reader
  • Confirm the six-digit security code on the device and the card reader for the first time pairing.

The setup process is automatic, and you should expect a software update that can take up to six minutes. Once successfully connected, you'll be prompted to the new payment request screen.

Setup didn't work? Try simple troubleshooting here.