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Online presence as a proof of nature of business

Business website

The website or sales profile provided must:

  • Be fully completed with updated information about your business (we can't accept a website that's under construction)
  • Clearly describe your business activities
  • Outline the type of services or goods you provide to your clients

We may also require proof of domain ownership if, for any reason, we’re unable to verify that the website provided belongs to you or your business.

Social and ecommerce profiles

We accept social profiles, or ecommerce profiles, linking to your business. For example, Facebook Store, LinkedIn, Amazon, eBay, or any other similar platform.

However, we can't accept generic links like,,, etc. Please provide a link to your exact business profile, products, or services on the relevant platforms.

A social profile should

  • Be in the name of your business and not your individual profile
  • Clearly describe your business activities

An ecommerce profile should

  • Be a profile of your business on the ecommerce platform, with a description of the products or services your business offers
  • Clearly show your business name as a seller, manufacturer, or service provider

How long will verification take?

We estimate that verifying the nature of your business may take up to 24 hours. If you don’t receive an email confirming your verification is complete, have a look in your Home tab to make sure you have no additional requests from us.