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Sales invoice verification failed

Why did the invoice fail as verification?

From the 'Home' screen, you’ll be able to see why your invoice failed as proof of nature. To view the reason, click on the 'Requires action' tile. It may be possible you’ve uploaded a sales invoice alone — we need an invoice together with a matching bank statement to verify the nature of your business.

Requirements for the sales invoice

The invoice must contain — or be accompanied by — the following:

  • The business' name
  • The account details and the amount of the transaction
  • The services or goods transacted and proof that they are aligned with the declared business
  • A matching bank statement that confirms the sales invoice amount was correctly paid into the company's account

Requirements for accompanying bank statement

  • Be attached to the business’ account
  • Contain the account number, the transaction amount, and the date of the transaction to match the provided invoice
  • Be dated within the last 6 months