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Proof of authority to open or manage the account

What's proof of authority?

Proof of authority is a type of permission required from your business director or significant shareholder (at least 25% ownership) for you to open and manage a Revolut Business account for the business.

How to provide proof of authority

If you're not a director of the business, we'll need to confirm your right to set up and manage the account in the business’ name through one of the following options:

Director verification (recommended)

Invite a director to complete the identity verification, including a confirmation of your right to open and manage the account. The invited director will go through identity verification and grant the permission for the applying person to open and manage the account.

Power of attorney

Submit a document containing a statement from the owner or director granting the applicant "consent to open, manage, and reauthorise other users to manage the Revolut Business account" (exact expression to be used). The document must also:

  • Include the name of the company
  • Include the signature of a director, beneficial owner, or all parties authorised by the company’s bylaws to authorise representatives
  • Be dated within the last 3 months

How long will the verification take?

The verification process can take up to 24 hours. After this timeframe, if you haven’t received an email notifying you that your completed verification is completed, please check your in-app Home screen to make sure there’s no additional request for information.