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What are the differences between Company and Freelancer Business plans?

We offer two types of business accounts within our pricing plans.

Freelancer accounts are dedicated to freelancers, sole traders, sole proprietors (for US registered companies).

  • Freelancer accounts are held under your name, not the name of your company
  • Bank transfers that you send and receive are displayed under your name
  • You won't be able to use your company's trade name with your account details

Company accounts are for companies that are already registered in your local Government Business Registration Service.

  • Revolut Business cannot support your company if it doesn't have a valid registration number
  • To open a company account, you must have all the required documents to submit during the onboarding process
  • Your company must also be fully incorporated

If you're a freelancer/soletrader and you've started an application for a Company account by mistake, you'll need to close your application here and apply for a Freelancer account. If you eventually upgrade your business to a fully incorporated company, then you can apply for a Company account.