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How does the Xero integration work?

It’s super simple! Every few hours, we post all completed transactions from your Revolut accounts into Xero. You can set up the integration to match existing Revolut accounts in Xero (if you’re already manually importing statements) or you can tell Revolut to create new accounts in Xero. In the first example we’ll sync all future transactions, in the second example we’ll also sync all previous transactions.

To set up Xero integration:

  • Go to Hub
  • Look for Xero integration and click on it
  • Click "Get" and follow instructions on the screen.

If you use our Expenses Management tool, we will automatically export completed expenses (receipts, category, tax rate and description) on top of the bank statements. This means that in Xero, you will see both sides of the reconciliation screen (bank statements and account transactions) automatically filled in and the reconciliation process will become super-easy!