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What are the main features of Joint Accounts?

When you open a joint account with someone, you become financially associated with them.

Both joint account holders can add, withdraw, manage, and spend the money in the account.

Joint accounts aren’t just for partners and spouses. Friends, family, and housemates might also want to share an account to make managing shared expenses easier. We advise considering who you share a joint account with very carefully. In any case, it should be a trusted person. 

The main features of joint accounts are as follows:

  • Joint overdraft, savings, or credit scoring are currently unsupported 
  • Joint accounts are only available to two individuals 
  • Both account holders need to be in the same country
  • You can’t convert your existing personal account into a joint account 
  • Joint accounts currently can't be linked to Revolut <18 accounts

To learn more, you can visit our Joint Accounts T&Cs on this page.

Stay tuned for upcoming features and updates!

Is the money in my joint account protected?

Deposits up to 100,000 € are protected under the Deposit Guarantee Scheme.