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How do I upgrade my plan?

To upgrade, go to Profile → Your Plan → Upgrade  → select your plan and your billing period of choice (monthly or annual).

Plus plan:

Monthly price: kn 24.99

Annual price: kn 249.99

Premium plan:

Monthly price: kn 54.99

Annual price: kn 550

Metal plan:

Monthly price: kn 99.99

Annual price: kn 1,000

Ultra plan:

Monthly price: 50 €

Annual price: 545 €

To switch from monthly to annual billing, go to Profile → Your Plan → ⚙️Manage → View/change billing.

Upgrade existing paid plan:

  • The Monthly: your account will be charged for the subscription at next month’s billing date.
  • The Annual: plan upgrade is immediate and your account will be refunded for any unused months of your existing subscription.

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