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How can I ensure my account security to be safe from scams?

📝 Security tips:

  • Keep your operating system up to date.
  • Log off when you finish using your bank accounts.
  • Lock your device using a PIN or fingerprint.
  • Use trusted and reliable sources when downloading.
  • Use secure networks that begin with HTTPS
  • Ensure to have a strong password with numbers and special characters.
  • Regularly change your passcode.
  • Don't use your personal details in your passwords or card PIN.
  • Enable two factor authentication (2FA) when available.
  • Don't share login details

🔒 Sign-in security

To sign in securely, download Revolut app from Apple or Google store, enter your phone number, create a passcode and follow the verification process.

If you don't have the app, alternative sign-in methods are available, visit to register.