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Payment scams

With online payments getting more and more popular, scammers have more possibilities of tricking you into their scams. If you shop online, you should keep in mind that fraudsters can use marketplace sites to sell you fake goods or products.

🤔 What are payment scams?

These are usually when criminals trick you into making a transaction you suspect to be real, and is instead to them. This typically comes from them pretending to be someone they're not.

💡 How can I avoid payment scams?

  • Question ‘too good to be true’ offers or prices - don't believe an amazing offer, as it could be a scam
  • Shop with reputable and reliable retailers - check online reviews. Genuine and trustworthy sellers will have good reviews in general, not a mix of bad or no reviews at all.
  • Ask questions - Be cautious if the seller avoids sharing information or pressures you to make quick payments. Request to inspect high-value items in person or through video and obtain relevant documentation to verify the seller's ownership.
  • Choose a safe way to pay - always use a debit or credit card. Fraudsters may ask you to pay by bank transfer instead of card payment. Transfers are hard to trace and in case of scam, we have limited possibilities of getting your money back.
  • Don't pay upfront for expensive products.
  • Never ignore Revolut in-app warnings, especially if the seller is pushing you to make the payment fast.
  • Verify the website's authenticity - type its address into your web browser. Don’t follow links in unsolicited emails or texts. Once you access the website, check if it looks relatively professional. Colours, logo or layout which don't look right can indicate the website is fake.

Look for a 🔒 padlock icon before the website name, indicating the site is secured with a digital certificate, secure website begin with HTTPS.

👉 Never enter your bank or card details, such as passwords to your bank account, your card PIN or application passwords on a not trusted website.