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Buy bonds in the Revolut app

Trading hours

Trading hours for bonds are 11am–5pm, Dubai GST (Monday–Friday) excluding the UAE public holidays.

To buy bonds:

  1. Go to 'Invest' section in-app
  2. Discover bonds either by tapping on 'Trade' or looking through our 'Discover' tab
  3. Tap on a particular bond
  4. Tap on 'Buy' to proceed to the order screen

Alternatively, you can discover bonds by using the search box on top.

You can purchase the minimum amount possible, which is known as the 'lot'. Each lot has a fixed number of underlying bond units. The lot price (in USD or EUR) is equivalent to the minimum currency value you can purchase of that bond. Currently, we only support market orders for bonds.

Bonds fees

Commission is charged from the first trade at a rate of 0.25% or 1 EUR per trade (whichever is higher) for Standard, Plus, Premium, Metal, Ultra and Trading Pro users.

No other fee is applicable for bond trades:

  • Commission-free trades as per your plan don't apply to bonds
  • There are no fees for bonds’ custody
  • There are no fees for principal repayment

Please refer to our Ex-Ante Costs & Charges Disclosure for more information on applicable fees. You can sell a bond after you have bought it without waiting for maturity. Just like with stocks, the price of the bond can fluctuate, and therefore you're exposed to potential gains or losses when selling. For more information on the risks associated with financial instrument transactions, consult our Risk Description.

If you're a customer of Revolut Trading Ltd., you won't have access to bonds at this moment in time. To see which Revolut Trading Entity is your service provider, check this FAQ.