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What if my account is blocked?

Your account may be restricted by our security system if:

  • We have reason to believe that your account details may have been compromised and/or are at risk of fraudulent activities
  • We have reason to suspect a deliberate violation of our T&Cs
  • You haven't verified your identity or updated an expired ID document

Issues with your Merchant account could cause restrictions to the whole Business account as well. Some of these reasons include:

  • Not complying with a request to support a transaction in your Merchant account
  • Using your Merchant account for your personal needs or violating Merchant T&Cs
  • Changes in your nature of business. See unsupported industries here.

If your account becomes restricted, please take a look at the Requests tab on the website app menu to see what documentation or information is being requested from you. Our team may also reach out to help and advise you.

Requests are only available on the web app.