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Receiving money from personal Revolut accounts

You can receive payments from the personal account of another Revolut customer just like any other bank transfer. When you send and receive payments between Revolut accounts, they’re instant, global, and without transfer fees.

Receive a transfer using account details

  • Find your account details and ask the Revolut customer that wants to send you money from their personal account to send an outbound transfer to these details. See how to find your account details in this FAQ

Receive a transfer using Revtag

  • Personal Revolut users can also use your Revtag to send transfers to you. Follow this FAQ for instructions

The country of the recipient's bank could be different from the company's country of residence. 

If the sender asks you for a bank address, go to your currency account details and look for the bank or payment institution address (this address might be different in local and international tabs).