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Delaying nature of business verification

How to delay proof of nature of business verification

If your company has been incorporated for less than 3 months, you can delay verifying your nature of business in-app. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Home on the bottom menu
  2. In the 'Nature of business' section, tap 'Requires action'
  3. Under 'Proof options', choose 'Postpone proof submission'

What happens next?

You’ll be asked to verify your nature of business when either:

  • 2 months have passed from when you delayed your proof submission
  • You've received inbound payments totalling £10,000 (or the equivalent in other currencies)

You’ll receive an email communication and an in-app banner notification to provide proof of the nature of your business. Please follow the prompts to provide it as soon as possible. Otherwise, your account functionality may be temporarily limited until your nature of business is verified.