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Fees for ordering a card

We only charge a fee for a physical card. You can get a virtual card at no charge.

The total fee is based on your plan, the type of card, and the delivery. Paid plan customers can always choose to order a lower-tier plan card.

Card fees

For your first card order, we won’t charge any fees except for delivery if you are a Standard customer. For Plus, Premium, Metal and Ultra customers, we won’t charge any fees if you need to order a second card. For second card order in Standard, or third or after card ordered in paid plans, these are the charges:

  • Standard and Plus:€£4.99
  • Premium and Metal: Ft 15,399.99
  • Ultra: Ft 19,999.99
  • Special edition: check in-app

Delivery fees

  • Local standard untracked: Ft 2367.99
  • International standard untracked: Ft 3157.99
  • Express tracked: Ft 7900.99

Standard plan customers need to pay for delivery. Plus plan customers get at no cost standard delivery. Premium, Metal and Ultra customers get complimentary express tracked delivery.

Customisation fees

Not all card types support customisation. If it’s available, Standard plan customers can pay Ft 1499.99 to customise their card. Plus, Premium, Metal and Ultra customers have the option to customise their card at no cost.